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To Those Who Love Antiques Shows...

If you're reading this web page, chances are that you are a regular attendee of antiques shows. For most of us, the quest of the antique, whether priceless period item or curiosity, has become much more than simply a hobby . . . it has become a passion.

Or perhaps you are an antiques professional. Whether you prefer to call yourself an antiquarian, an exhibitor or a dealer, you most likely have sold items at many an antiques show and would call yourself a seasoned veteran.

As lovers of the antiques show, whether we are buyers or sellers, today our passion is in jeopardy. Together, we have watched the number of shows decline. Great venues have disappeared due to many factors. The idea that people arenít collecting anymore is nonsense. People have always collected; what is changed are the types of objects that entice new collectors to begin collecting. We must all keep an open mind and embrace new opportunities. Also difficult for professionals is the weak economy. The current economic climate has dealt a blow to our industry. Both collectors and antiques professionals need to put this in perspective as we move into a new era.

The current antiques market is full of bargains. This is the time to buy! Antiques shows are the perfect venue to explore the market, and to compare quality and price. At antiques shows there are opportunities to build knowledge; to learn from experts in their fields. Conversely, these opportunities are lacking at auctions, where cost and profit are the only true objectives. Opportunities to acquire really wonderful things at bargain prices at antiques shows abound!

Finally a plea to those antiques professionals who sell at shows. At Jay N. Melrose, we are constantly looking for new ways to make your exhibiting in shows more profitable and dependable. We spend hours working with show committees to devise new marketing tools, and to lower costs to exhibitors. When we send you a contract, it is the result of weeks and months of planning and work. Please let us know if you can do the show at your earliest convenience. If you cannot attend, or havenít decided, please keep in touch. We need together to keep a dialogue and a strong link. Our fortunes are intertwined! Without good dealers there cannot be a quality antiques show.

Jay N. Melrose are managers of several successful antiques shows in Midwest and East Coast venues.

Our partners bring together years of business experience.  Jay N. Melrose began selling antiques in the 1980s, and has over twenty-five years of experience in the show circuit.

Jay N. Melrose has several objectives.  One is to provide a successful venue for dealers to profit.  Another is to help charities to reinvigorate established shows, or to revive dead ones.  We must also present antiques to a new generation of buyers in this rapidly-changing 21st century marketplace.


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